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Re: [IP] any marathon runners with advice

I have not run full marathons (half marathons)........ but then I am not a
pumper either.. but what I did was checked my sugars q 15 to 30 min before
it. then I tried to get my sugars up to about 200 before it started, then I
carried in a fanny pack glucose tabs and my metre and strips and a couple
lancets (did not use the lancing device with lancets... just by themselves)
then every rest stop for juice (I had informed them that I was a diabetic
before hand) then drank oj and did a sugar. then continued... half marathon
little over 13 miles... sugars stayed between 140's and 230's. After run. I
went to q 30 min checks.. and treated accordingly if sugars were under 120
as I did not want to go low..

(Rebecca or Becca NOT becky)

>  I am considering running a marathon and would love any helpful hints or
> from pumpers who have run marathons. I have started my training and have
> played around with lowering basals before running and dealing with
nightime lows
> after running. Overnight lows are one of my major concerns- the
> effect that distance running will have on my BGs.
>  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...or any books geared towards
> subject. Thank you!
> Katy
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