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Re: [IP] Minimed called last night-Good News!!!

Pumpers and Friends,
    If someone from Minimed would like to do a IP Chat, please have them
drop me a note at email @ redacted I will be happy to setup a chat time. I
have been working on getting chats started again with Minimed for sometime
now. I keep a open date for a Minimed Chat every month, so  if you have a
contact person please give them my info and I will see when we can setup a
chat. :-)

                                            REMEMBER TO SMILE AND BE HAPPY

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From: "Donny Vernon" <email @ redacted>
To: <email @ redacted>
Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 8:59 AM
Subject: [IP] Minimed called last night-Good News!!!

> I received a call from Paul at Minimed last night about the emails I had
> sent about the 511 and the water tight issues. He was great about the
> whole thing and put my mind at ease. He is in charge of a group of
> people put together to deal with this issue. He said they had been
> overwhelmed with calls, letters, and emails over this problem. He said
> the letter had caused more questions than answers. We talked for about
> 20 minutes and he listened to everything I had to say. I told him my
> concerns and the concerns that I had read about in this forum. Right now
> they are contacting everyone that has contacted MM about this issue and
> are handling each person's case individually. They know the problem is
> probably stress fractures in the casing and they are working on a
> solution. They do not know yet what they will do when they find a
> solution, but he did not say no when I asked about upgrading the 511 to
> the new improved pump when it is put out. But they do not have a
> timetable yet and could not offer anything firm. I then told him it
> might be a good idea to host a chat on IP and explain everything to
> people like he explained it to me. He thought that was a great idea and
> he is contacting the right people at MM and at IP. I told him to contact
> Rodney about the chat. So look for that in the near future. Paul and his
> group are listening and tell them anything that you think will make the
> situation better for you. They are very open about it. I will try to
> answer any questions you have about my conversation. I hope this helps
> some of you out there. Just remember, you have to be proactive.
> Donny
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