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RE [IP] Number one problem?!?

Ryan.. i dont think, you could be MORE correct....

if i wished for anything (until, the closed loop pump comes out),
its something, like a microwave, that i could put the food in, and, it would
tell me the exact carbs....

I will add a few things here, that have helped me....

I try to eat, a lot of the same foods... and, even when i go out,
goto  the Same Places.. (honestly, spaghetti, is spaghetti, is spaghetti)....

(a burito, is a..... etc)

Most (nearly all) pizza, is from the same place 
(according to my daughter, its the best, in the world anyway),
and, I HAVE NO problem, with pizza,  (i have it Down Pat), which seems to be
a tuff one, for a lot of folks on this list (of course, having said that, ill
be 250, after a slice tomorrow)

 (i grant, that restaurants, lack consistency, but, they're closer, than a
place entirely)

yes, i know, it does "impinge on the freedom", im sure we'd
all like to have, but PERSONALLY, i have so much MORE freedom this past year,
then i've had, in the  46 before, that
the sacrifice just doesnt seem so extreme.... (definitely a ymmv issue)

 and, if i use a prepared food (like a cheese and rice mix), i use the same

if i went a little high, last time we had it, 
i add a little more bolus, this time....and i DO keep a chart, of the "foods
i eat" at home, or out.......
(in my "porto-brain" (pilot))

Now, through trial and error, food X, at restaurant Y, is Z carbs..
it helps, (though not yet Solved) in my case, i hope yours too..

AND >Artorius Rex 
>>My number one problem is site stability/infusion site issues.  
 definitely an issue as well, but, if the issue that ryan brought up, was

might your situation, be less of a problem (or less noticeable)  ???
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