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Re: [IP] BG levels

it 'might' be , your not bolusing enough (only your endo, or cde, "Knows 
for sure")

BUT, it Does give you an appreciation, for the human body... the pump is 
just wonderful (IMO),
but, it IS a machine, and not nearly as wonderful a machine, as the one we 
were all born with....

yep, those 200+'s are a bummer (at least, for me)... even after a measly 1 
year of pumping, id like to think id have it down, to an absolute 
science................... (well, it IS OK to hope)....
(it appears as much an art, as a science)

my personal feelings, you WILL get it, and youre still doing better, then if
you were not pumping.. (i hope).........it takes a lot of tuning.....

i feel "quite sure", that my bolus Number, is correct, and, i FEEL like i 
calculated just perfectly (on occasion).. BUT,
2 hours later, im 185, or 205....and, it seems to take much more, then my 
amount, to get it back down....much more.... but, i keep plugging away.
and i ALWAYS keep in mind:
wow, how many times, would i have to stick something into my body, were i 
"NOT hooked up",
or..  in the pre humalog/novolog days: "How high might it have gotten, were 
i not so pro-active"

BTW, on that "labor of logging" post.... it IS helpful, but, MY feelings 
are, what i might have been last thursday, has little influence, on what i 
am at, right now....
i DID make the effort, while i was getting adjusted, but, once that occurred,
only if things seem to go wacky, for more then a day, do i write it down,
call the cde, get things corrected, and, go back to "Memory Mode".

ANY little bit, you feel comfortable with, is better then none, but, i 
wouldnt, and dont, let
it make ME, any more nuts, that I already am.......
(Y Needs MV)

Len... making sure, all the lawn furniture, is tied down, or stashed, and
watchin' the "Calm. before the storm"
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