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Re: [IP] Number one problem?!?

There are very few things that can go wrong with my BG overnight.  I've
dealt with this for 20 years.   90% of the time when I wake up with a 
high blood sugar (while on the pump), it's due to a sight failure.

I hate high blood sugar more than I hate changing my sites.  I'd rather
not deal with high BG levels for hours and hours, hoping for something to
work, when I can make an easy fix for the most likely problem.  

My solution worked, I took a correction bolus with a syringe, changed my site
 and was back down to 86 within an hour.  Two hours after that I'm back at 102.

--- Linda Kelly <email @ redacted> wrote:
> You don't wait until you have at least 2 highs in a row?
>  There are alot of variables which can cause highs, If pump is working ok,
> site
> is
>  the last thing I would pull--if after bolusing for the high & my Bg kept
> going
> up
> unexplained.
>  I had unexplained highs for 5 days, up, down. I then had noticeable head
> cold,
> bgs
> fine.
>  If I notice tiny air bubbles in line, I rebolus (holding pump upright, hit
> it
> with
> palm of hand to see if more bubbles come up while you are bolusing.)  Things
> happen, no matter how careful you are.  Linda K  H-tron
>  > last night I went to bed with a BG of 113. The site had only been in since
> 5pm
>  > the day before. I woke up this morning with a BG of 285. Pulled the site
> out
> to
> > check it and didn't see a thing wrong with it.
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