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[IP] Re: the labor of logging

 --- On Wed 09/17, Danny Skidmore < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Danny Skidmore [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
email @ redacted, email @ redacted: Wed, 17 Sep
2003 11:07:40 -0400Subject: [IP] Re: the labor of loggingSarah;Logging just like
the other details of Diabetes will get easier with timeand practice. To make
your life easier, you might want to look into using aPDA. Animas supplies one
with the Diabetic software to take out thedrudgery. Calorie King supplies a
19,000 item food program for about $20.00 that tracks cals, carbs, protein and
fats. There are other programsas well, however I have not used them. I hope this
 Danny, the promo that Animas was running this summer where you got a free Palm
Zire has ended. But buying a Palm Zire isn't expensive. In fact, I just priced
it out at less than $100. and it makes it very easy to keep your life organized
in more ways than JUST your diabetes. And you can even go to ebay and find an
older Handspring Visor (which I have anyway and ADORE) or some of the older
Pam's and it works just fine. As for tracking your calories, carbs proteins and
fats, go to http://www.silvertriad.com/ and the download is free and yes, there
is one that works on XP (altho *I* had a devil of a time getting mine
downloaded, had to have help). It's based on the USDA chart. Liz

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