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Re: [IP] Number one problem?!?

My number one problem is site stability/infusion site issues.  Too many
variables with these things to know exactly what's gone wrong.  

For example, last night I went to bed with a BG of 113.  The site had only 
been in since 5pm the day before. I woke up this morning with a BG of 285.  
Pulled the site out to check it and didn't see a thing wrong with it.

A better insulin infusion method to go with the existing pumps would be great.


--- email @ redacted wrote:
> So, you've got your basal rate perfect... Your correction bolus and meal
> bolus 
> ratios result in perfect post-meal numbers... Then, why do you STILL end up 
> with lows or highs?
>  Obviously, this answer has many answers...but, I've found for me the NUMBER
> issue in preventing me from keeping "perfect" BGLs is accurately counting 
> carbs.  That "biggie fry" you get doesn't contain the 65 carbs that it is 
> supposed to because the actual weight of the fries ends up fluctuating by as 
> much as 50% per visit!  Or, it is anyone's guess how many carbs are in that 
> piece of Lasagna you are eating.  Or, how about that bowl of cereal?  Sure, I
> weighed it...but, what about the milk I added?
> Not to mention the food labels that end up being so inaccurate at times.  I 
> learned that the ACTUAL amount contained in a pre-packaged food item must
> only 
>  be at LEAST the net weight listed on the package...quite often, it is more
> than
> the net weight, meaning more actual carbs than it lists on the packaging.
> I think that 90% of my highs and lows could be eliminated if there was a
> sure-
> fire way of calculating carb content.
>  So, what is YOUR number one problem for controlling your diabetes? I'm
> curious
>  to know what people see as their biggest issue (not issues, but singular
> issue).
> Ryan
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