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[IP] Number one problem?!?

So, you've got your basal rate perfect... Your correction bolus and meal bolus 
ratios result in perfect post-meal numbers... Then, why do you STILL end up 
with lows or highs?

 Obviously, this answer has many answers...but, I've found for me the NUMBER ONE
issue in preventing me from keeping "perfect" BGLs is accurately counting 
carbs.  That "biggie fry" you get doesn't contain the 65 carbs that it is 
supposed to because the actual weight of the fries ends up fluctuating by as 
much as 50% per visit!  Or, it is anyone's guess how many carbs are in that 
piece of Lasagna you are eating.  Or, how about that bowl of cereal?  Sure, I 
weighed it...but, what about the milk I added?

Not to mention the food labels that end up being so inaccurate at times.  I 
learned that the ACTUAL amount contained in a pre-packaged food item must only 
 be at LEAST the net weight listed on the package...quite often, it is more than
the net weight, meaning more actual carbs than it lists on the packaging.

I think that 90% of my highs and lows could be eliminated if there was a sure-
fire way of calculating carb content.

 So, what is YOUR number one problem for controlling your diabetes? I'm curious
 to know what people see as their biggest issue (not issues, but singular

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