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RE: [IP] pregnancy and the pump

Kathy wrote:
 >So, one of them told me I have to follow my meal plan exactly and that I have
to eat my meals every 4
 > hours...I am interested in what other pregnant pumpers are doing / have done
about the whole
>food / meal issue. 

Dear Kathy,

 I am just about 6 months now. I have not followed a planned diet. I don't
really see the point if you're pumping, unless you have carb:insulin ratios that
fluctuate often. My perinatal team has been fantastic about working with me to
keep my blood sugars in range. I fax them records once a week, then they call
back if they have any changes. Early on when I has morning sickness, my doctor
told me to eat whatever would make me feel better, as long as I could cover it
with insulin. So far they are thrilled with my control.

 I have made a few changes to keep my fasting <90 and 2-hr post-prandial <100. I
over bolus all meals, then check at 1 hr, 2 hr, and 3 hrs and adjust with extra
carb if I need to. I may do fewer checks if I've eaten an old standby. I also
check my bg every single night around 1-2 am. I avoid my problem foods (bagels,
french fries, Chinese food), and try to eat in moderation. I'm aggresive with
treating highs, and take 35-50% more insulin that before I was pregnant. One
side effect of tight control has been that I've gained more weight than I'd
like, but I'm trying not to let that bother me.

 Are there any other perinatologists around? You may find a team that is more
flexible and still very good.

Take care,
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