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Re: [IP] the labor of logging

I've helped all that by using electronic tools.  That cuts down on the
amount of logging.  That way, the only things I write down are my food, and
notes for the pump trainer (like turnning on temp. basals, etc.).

I bought the software for my Freestyle monitors and cable so I can download
them to my computer.  I have an Animas pump so I bought the kit to download
the pump too.  I also use their Ezmanager software to compute carbs and

It really takes a lot of load off your mind if you let the software do the

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Subject: [IP] the labor of logging

> for a while, and then I just get impatient with the
> TEDIUM of noting every detail. I'm not impatient with
> testing, or with the shots, or with the carb
> counting...it's just LOGGING it all that makes me feel
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