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Re: [IP] pregnancy and the pump

On Tue, 16 Sep 2003, kathy zito wrote:

 > occurred between 4:30 and 5 pm as I was trying to make dinner. Anyway... I am
 > interested in what other pregnant pumpers are doing / have done about the
> food / meal issue. I feel way out of control now. I know I am going to go low
> again as my basal is still up.

Hi there, Kathy,

I haven't posted much to the list but I wanted to answer your question 
because I'm currently 17 weeks pregnant and on the pump.  I started this 
pregnancy on MDI, but switched to the pump about 5-6 weeks ago, and I love 

I have to tell you, I'm not sure why your medical team is telling you that 
you have to eat meals at exact times every day.  That's one of the biggest 
reasons I switched to the pump, is because I was sick of having to eat 
lunch at the exact same time every day in order to match my NPH peak -- 
and sometimes still screwing up and going high or low as a result.  The 
pump allows me to eat pretty much whenever I want, although of course to 
maintain a healthy pregnancy I do try to always make sure to eat 
breakfast, and I get my between-meal snacks in as well.  I started 
experiencing lows before dinner for awhile, and my medical team's response 
was to slightly lower my basal rate in the afternoon hours, which worked 
like a charm.  There was no mention made of having to eat at a particular 

Anyway, I congratulate you for thinking ahead and getting ready for 
pregnancy before trying to conceive!  We started preconception counseling 
three months before we started trying, and I think that's a big part of 
the reason why things have been going so well for me.  We just had the 
anatomy ultrasound this morning, and the baby looks perfect -- a huge 
relief for me!  I did have a period around 9-11 weeks where I was having 
frequent lows, but that's normal in pregnancy as your insulin requirements 
drop dramatically when the placenta takes over.

I think being on a pump is the best way to handle a diabetic pregnancy, 
honestly.  It allows you a lot of flexibility about when and what to eat.  
It sounds to me like your medical team might be stuck on an MDI model 
where you have to eat at specific times in order to meet your basal 
insulin peaks.  That's not a problem with the insulin pump.  If you're 
having a problem with lows at a particular time of day, you can simply 
decrease your basal rate for that time period.  I eat lunch anywhere from 
11 AM to 2 PM, and dinner for me is anytime from 6 PM to 8:30 PM, and I 
haven't had a problem.

Please feel free to ask me or the list any more questions, as I am always 
thrilled to be able to help out other pregnant or hoping-to-be-pregnant 
women. :)  Pregnancy is nerve-wracking enough on its own without diabetes, 
so I think it's great that these online discussion groups exist where you 
can get some support.

Type 2
Baby #2 due 2/04
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