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[IP] pregnancy and the pump

 Well, I am thinking about taking the plunge -- into motherhood that is but
after today, I am not so sure I can do it. I met with the "OB/GYN Ambulatory
Care Coordinators" for preconception counseling today. So, one of them told me I
have to follow my meal plan exactly and that I have to eat my meals every 4
hours. The other one upped my basal (which I thought was too high in the first
place- my CDE had lowered it after lunch as I was bottoming out), which has
resulted in 2 lows since lunch. I pretty sure that I overcompensated with the
second one as I ate some candy (which was wrong as I was told to only use
glu-gross tablets or juice --yea, I carry juice with me all day) then
immediately ate dinner and am feeling a little high. I know that the better care
you take of yourself and your diabetes, the less chance your baby will have
problems but this is the REAL WORLD-- I work a full time job and some days there
is no possible way to eat dinner at 4 pm. Incidently, my s!
 econd low
  occurred between 4:30 and 5 pm as I was trying to make dinner. Anyway... I am
interested in what other pregnant pumpers are doing / have done about the whole
food / meal issue. I feel way out of control now. I know I am going to go low
again as my basal is still up.
kathy (oh, and I'm not pg yet)

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