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[IP] My opinion on the 512..

Got my upgrade pump on Friday, and I'm liking it so far.. I do think the
"active insulin" estimate in the bolus wizard is a bit conservative but
every time I've overridden that (even by just a unit) thinking I didn't have
"that much" still in my system I've gone low, so for now when I choose to
use that estimate, I go with what it says.

The meter is cool, but I'm not sure if I'll use it or not.  Myabe if they
come out with their software and pump/meter link for the computer I'd
consider it.. but right now it offers little advantage really than instantly
transmitting the results to the pump.  For now, since I already have tons of
ultra strips and it's easy enough to enter numbers by hand into the pump,
I'll stick with that.

The temp basal is MUCH better using percentages, which is very important for
those of us who have multiple basals in our profile.  The "finer" basal
settings are also nice, though I've not done much with that yet.

The biggest improvement.. for me, is that I can tell the pump when to tell
me I have a low resevoir, based on either estimated time remaining
(estimating from basal rates I think), or by a set number of units.  No more
"low resevoir" alarms when I still have a full day of insulin left.. IMO
that was a bit excessive, and annoying!

Other than that, it's the same.  Was the upgrade worth the cost?  Probably
not, but I do like the new features.  I do plan on trying to submit my cost
for the upgrade to my insurance, and seeing if they will cover it.

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