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[IP] Decision

If you get discouraged waiting on Deltec, think about
this.  When I heard the Animas had alarms, I almost
didn't want to go with it either.  But when I finally
heard the "alarm" it totally changed my mind.  It is
not annoying or very loud and if you have it well
tucked out of sight, it is sometimes inaudible at
first.  One Sunday during a musical number, I missed
hearing the pumps warning beeps and the actual alarm
was going off by the time the music stopped.  It was
not really obvious to anyone but me, as most people
were still rustling from applauding and such. I just
quickly escaped down the isle like I knew what I was
doing, (I did!  I had to go check out the
occlusion/low cartridge/low battery alarm. There
aren't very many, and the occlusion is the only one
that will catch you off guard.  You can check the
others in advance.  I always change the batteries at 8
wks. to avoid problems.  BTW, I always change my
O-ring, too.  Why take a chance??  This is a very
expensive machine and I happen to love my life with it
working.) Just some thoughts.  Didn't want you to miss
out on an excellent pump due to misinformation.  From
what I've heard, the Deltec is really good, too.  ANY
pump will be like a new lease on life.  They're THAT
GREAT!  Best of Luck!
Martha & AnniMae

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 07:07:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brian Burtt <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Decision

I called the Animas people today, and they said that
if I want a pump with silent alarms, it wasn't the one
for me.  (Honesty.  I like that.)

So I'm going to talk to my CDE about the Deltec,
though I think she said they were on back-order.

- --Brian
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