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Re: [IP] Reicieved Canadian version of MM letter today!

Mike, i think the water is about to boil, its on simmer right now. I'm real
having been sold an item, not an inexpensive one, and one that deals with
my health
not a pair of shoes, to have to real important issues go south.

upgrades and waterproof.

In that MM admits that a product is not waterproof in my opinion does not
realease them
from their obligation, it does show some sense of responisiility on their
part and therefore
a court might be more understanding, but i'm not an attorney...


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>HI folks I received the MM letter today concerning the 511 and 512 water
>issue. In the letter was also enclosed a release to say I was aware
>and basically satisfied with the explanation given . They Asked me to sign
>letter and return it to them.
>I informed them by phone that I would NOT sign such a document. Have any of
>you other users of the 511 or 512 been asked to do the same.
>Is there a potential for a class action to settle this issue since MM does
>appear to be doing anything about it.  all replies welcome,   Mike in Canada
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