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Re: [IP] Waterproof pumps

My understanding is that the pump is waterproof, but develops stress cracks
which let in water. Some have stated that they've gotten new pumps from MM
with cracks. Thus, it seems that you're rolling the dice with a new pump. If
you really want the features of the 512, then I'd do it. Otherwise, I'd just
keep what you had.


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Subject: [IP] Waterproof pumps

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> Hi:  I too am angry at MM about this Paradigm waterproof issue.  When I
> decided to begin pumping, I waited for the Paradigm (it was the only one
> the time that guaranteed waterproofing) specifically because I like
> whitewater kayaking.
> I usually wear my pump on a Medic-Alert chain on my neck, underneath at
> least my personal floatation device (life jacket) and if it's cold,
> underneath one of two layers of neoprene.  Since my kayaking prowess is
> exactly at the expert level, I've done a bit of swimming.
> I have so far experienced no pump failures or ingress of water into my
> as a result..
> I'm considering (in fact, have gone ahead with the purchase but not taken
> delivery of) the 512 upgrade.
> My question is, if anyone from MM is watching or anyone else can answer,
> since I know how waterproof my current pump is (pretty good). what are my
> odds that I'm going to receive a less than waterproof pump with this
> "upgrade".  Has there been a manufacturing problem or has a line of pumps
> gone bad that MM is covering their butts about with this recent malarkey?
> Should I keep my present pump because of it's known functionality for my
> purposes?  Or upgrade?  Or does the pump itself develop less resistance to
> dunking over time?  I get nothing but platitudes from MM.
> I wrote to MM once a while back asking if they made availabel O-rings or
> battery doors, and they said they would do something if there were a
> problem.  Now there's a problem.
> --Guy
> Type I for 44 years, pumping for one
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