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[IP] Re: appetite suppressants

>>> Lately I cannot seem to stop being hungry.  Every three to four hours, I
get very hungry.  I don't mean that I just feel like eating something, I
mean I get hunger pangs as if I  hadn't eaten anything all day. I try to
ignore it and not eat, but it just get worse and I start to feel bad (and
get mean), so I end up eating. >>>


I don't know how long you've been pumping, but perhaps your BGs have been
better and you are also dropping about 2 hrs. after a meal suggesting you
need to test and perhaps even test your basals. Usually for me if I'm that
hungry, it means a low coming on and I require food. Are you testing during
these *events*? Also, sometimes a glass of water will give a full feeling.

The *meanness* suggests a BG is out of line.

HTH (Hope This/That Helps)

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