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Re: [IP] Waterproof pumps


IMHO unless the upgrades are mandatory i would keep what you have. Seems as
tho its working
for you. 


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>Hi:  I too am angry at MM about this Paradigm waterproof issue.  When I
>decided to begin pumping, I waited for the Paradigm (it was the only one at
>the time that guaranteed waterproofing) specifically because I like
>whitewater kayaking.
>I usually wear my pump on a Medic-Alert chain on my neck, underneath at
>least my personal floatation device (life jacket) and if it's cold,
>underneath one of two layers of neoprene.  Since my kayaking prowess is not
>exactly at the expert level, I've done a bit of swimming.
>I have so far experienced no pump failures or ingress of water into my pump
>as a result..
>I'm considering (in fact, have gone ahead with the purchase but not taken
>delivery of) the 512 upgrade.
>My question is, if anyone from MM is watching or anyone else can answer,
>since I know how waterproof my current pump is (pretty good). what are my
>odds that I'm going to receive a less than waterproof pump with this
>"upgrade".  Has there been a manufacturing problem or has a line of pumps
>gone bad that MM is covering their butts about with this recent malarkey?
>Should I keep my present pump because of it's known functionality for my
>purposes?  Or upgrade?  Or does the pump itself develop less resistance to
>dunking over time?  I get nothing but platitudes from MM.
>I wrote to MM once a while back asking if they made availabel O-rings or new
>battery doors, and they said they would do something if there were a
>problem.  Now there's a problem.
>Type I for 44 years, pumping for one
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: