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[IP] appetite suppressants

I was wondering if someone out there could help me.  Lately I cannot seem to 
stop being hungry.  Every three to four hours, I get very hungry.  I don't 
mean that I just feel like eating something, I mean I get hunger pangs as if I 
 hadn't eaten anything all day. I try to ignore it and not eat, but it just get
worse and I start to feel bad (and get mean), so I end up eating.  Sometimes 
this happens as often as every two hours.  This has been going on for about 2 
weeks now.  I have always had a big appetite, but nothing like this.  I really 
don't know how to describe it so that you can understand how I feel.  This is 
bothering me.  Is there anything that I can take to suppress my appetite?  Any 
ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to email me off 
list.  Thank you.
email @ redacted
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