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RE: [IP] Animas-Changing "O" rings

Sherry it would depend on how the pump keeps out water. On the Animas
pump the o ring goes under the opening to where the batteries are. By
replacing the o ring each time you change batteries ensures a good seal.
I have had my Animas since February and changed my batteries for the
first time in May and I'm sure that I'll need to do it again soon and am
carrying a spare set and o ring now.

The other o ring is on the cartridge and each cartridge comes with a new

I swim most days for over an hour and shower with it on and never had a
problem. Much better then disconnecting and reconnecting, or placing my
old 508 in a sports case. I needed the 300 units and the lower dosing
that Animas provides. So my choice was easy.

Gail Donohue

Until recently, I had not realized O rings had to be changed on some
pumps by 
the user.  Why do they have to be changed on Animas pumps, but I've
seen this mentioned for other pumps?
Sherry, mom to Liz, age 14, dx3/01, pumping MM508-5/02 
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