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RE [IP] Animas-Changing "O" rings

 >Until recently, I had not realized O rings had to be changed on some 
pumps by
 >the user.  Why do they have to be changed on Animas pumps, but I've never
 >seen this mentioned for other pumps?

Until recently, how much have you read, about water tightness ??

in the case of the d-tron, the o-ring, is part of the cartridge-to-tubbing 
and, the battery cover (which is PART of the battery)

(im not comparing the "water tightness" of the animas, compared to the 
d-tron, or, if they are even similar, in this area, nor do i much care)

the obvious answer, is, "water tightness"

im just guessin' here, but, i wouldnt be surprised, if you plan on removing 
the pump,
when around water, that this o-ring would become far less important...
this is "the price to be paid"
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