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[IP] Love/Hate Relationship

I've been pumping for one week now and I thought I would share my experiences 
for those thinking about pump therapy.  

I have to admit, for the first several days, I hated the pump.  Having read 
 mainly positive things on this site about pump therapy, I was felt as if I just
wasn't getting it or something.  It was mainly a vanity thing - couldn't 
 stand the bulky thing either sticking out like a big lump underneath my shirts
as an uncomfortable lump in my pocket.  Sleeping with it has taken some 
getting used to as well.

Then yesterday, attended a food and wine festival featuring some of the best 
restaurants in my area.  There were several stations where you could get small 
plates of all kinds of delicious goodies and of course, wine tasting.  And 
while I was still careful, there is no way I could have managed that kind of 
extended snacking on injection therapy.  Made me start to feel pretty warm and 
fuzzy about this pump.

One other interesting observation - most of the chi-chi people attending the 
festival seemed to have a cell phone attached to their waist band - looks as 
if my pump is right in fashion!

Paula  - One week with a Deltec Cozmo and actually looking forward to the 
weeks to come!
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