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[IP] Re: Regarding Rob Masters Post

 > wonder, would MiniMed appreciated getting a daily phone call from each and
 >very one of the pumpers that mailed in that postcard?

 >>>Wouldn't they have to
 >>>add staff or at least another phone line or two to handle the volume of 
 >>>Sometimes I think the ridiculous things a company says are amazing.

 >Ce Dee

Nice to imagine, that YOU actually have an affect, but, you dont !!!

No...they would ADD Nothing...
those requiring immediate assistance would get a busy signal, be force to 
wait longer,
and/or simply hear a recording:

"All of our customer service representatives, are busy assisting other 
"Please wait on the line, or call back later"

You CAN join them, but, You CANT beat them, as long as you continue
to purchase their products
(a general statement, applying to ANY and ALL companies, not necessarily 
directly to MM)
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