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[IP] physician's work orders more unecessary paper

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 13:51:10 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] MM improves medicare ordering process

Medicare up until now required me to get a physicians work order from MM,
bring it to my dr appt. every three months, have the dr fill out the same
 nonsense each time, have me fax the form in to MM so I can place my order,
 mail the original form to MM Medicare and then wait weeks for MM to check
first ins and process all paper work with Medicare my second insurer.   Then
someone calls me from MM to arrange for delivery to insure that someone is
home to sign for the delivery.  My dr hates this form.

Now I only have to have this form filled out once a year.  This saves me many
steps.  Also at the time I place the order MM gives me a delivery date.  Each
time I place an order MM will call my dr to make sure I  have seen him.  This
makes life much easier.


- ----------------------------------------------------------I always thought
this Medicare work order form was absurd. Since it says how long do you need
this benefit and my doctor had written in lifetime, it seems stupid to ask
that this be filled out everytime you need supplies. When I wrote to my State
Senator and asked him why it was necessary he said he would look into it but I
guess that is the same as the $500 toilet seat and the $3000 hammer. it makes
busy work for someone.He said well suppose you got over it? I'd love that
Senator but that has as much chance of happening as congress turning down a
payraise.  I guess if we all wrote in to our eleted officials this stupid
requirement may go away in the future. my doc hates these spot
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