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Re: [IP] Cash and complications from diabetes

At 08:24 PM 9/13/03 -0500, you wrote:
 ><<<<<<,Cash died early Friday of complications from diabetes at Baptist
 >Hospital in Nashville, hospital spokeswoman Nicole Bates said.>>>>>>>
 >I really wish they would say what the complications were.
 >Everytime I see this listed as a cause of death, it happen with Nell
 >Carter too, I wonder what went wrong.  I can see maybe the family thinks
 >it is too personal to list the exact cause??  It would help educate us
 >all though if it listed it.

I don't know whether this was the cause of his death, but I saw some 
mention in the paper that he had been struggling with autonomic neuropathy.

I think it's unfortunately pretty much a given that when a person with 
diabetes dies, unless they die of some easily recognizable and completely 
not-diabetes-related thing like cancer or drowning or getting run over by a 
truck, the cause of death will be listed as complications caused by 
diabetes.  Come to think if it the person might have drowned because they 
were hypo. <g>

Because diabetes can cause damage to so many systems in our bodies, and 
because there few ways of telling whether the damage was caused by diabetes 
or genetics or what have you, most coroners tend to finger the diabetes if 
there are no other obvious suspects.

I completely understand the Cash family's reticence to disclose more detail 
at this time.  They have their own terrible grief to deal with.

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