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Re: [IP] BentCannula

I think my 511 book says that the alarm won't go off until there is a 3 
or more unit blockage.
But with a bent cannula you will still get 'some' of your bolus

Danielle Simmons wrote:

>From: "Melissa Chodorowski" email @ redacted
>Hi, I am new to this site but have had type 1 since 1995 ( when i was 18).
>Have been a pumper for 5 yrs now. Anyone ever have any problems with bent
>cannulas when inserting Mini med Quick sets? I changed from the 9mm to the 6
>mm but will occasionaly still have problems. The other problem is that my
>pump does not alarm at all because insulin is still being delivered but just
>not into my skin. Instead, the cannula is bent up against my stomach and i
>don't know this until i check and i have a blood sugar of over 400! Any
>ideas? Anyone with similar problems?
>Hi, Melissa - I have had this problem, mostly due to certain sites.  It's
>been explained that, because I don't have a lot of body fat, when I sleep
>and roll on the insertion set, it presses the cannula to the muscle wall and
>bends/crimps it.  So I can be fine with an insertion on day 1, and then day
>2 - BS whacks out.  I, too, use the 6mm.
>The pump will alarm only when there's a *lot* of pressure built up, which
>doesn't happen with me for hours, as I take very little insulin compared to
>most... So I always catch it by testing, which I try to do every 3 hours or
>so.  I *did* have non-delivery alarms with the 508, but don't think I've had
>one with the Paradigm - part of that is having learned to avoid the "crimped
>cannula" sites... part is that it just doesn't set off those alarms for me,
>so I've assumed it's due to my minimal dosages not triggering a blockage
>alarm.  ymmv, but I'd try personally other sites, and test regularly.  HTH!
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