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RE: [IP] Insulin req'd to drop BS (was digest V7 #529)

Danielle, I don't have the time to look up the reference, but I read where
high glucose in itself
produces insulin resistance and I've had the same problems when the values
get too high.


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Subject: [IP] Insulin req'd to drop BS (was digest V7 #529)

I've had my BS drop 150 pts in 45 minutes... but that's only after I can get
it to budge at all... Usually it takes 1/2hr to 45min to even start to drop
after bolusing, if it's been high (high meaning 350 or so)... but then,
watch out!  A 250 typically responds right away.  So I could say the greater
drop takes 1-1/2 hours total, what with the wait and all, but the actual
dropping occurs pretty quickly.

This list has been been fascinating to see both the similarities and the
amazing differences in people's histories!

From: Don Stevens email @ redacted

Checked my record for yesterday; 5 am = 306, 6 am = 191, 7am = 122,
8am= 79
That is with a 2.5 unit bolus at 5:14am That comes to 227 mg/dl
in 3 hours.
BTW, that was with a set had a bent 'cannula?) (plastic thingie :)
No telling how fast it would have dropped with a unrestricted flow!!! :)
I'm not able to get excited over a glucose reading of 250, now a
reading of 350- 450 does get my attention

Len Lutz wrote:
> -there was a recent post, which mentioned something like
> ( i hope im not misquoting)
> no mater HOW MUCH insulin you take, you can only drop X bs points, per
> hour......
> if you're as high as 400, it will take a number of hours, regardless
> of how its injected.....
> (i would imagine, there is some intravenous way, to get it down quicker,
> but i wouldnt think, its a "do-it-at-home" method)....
> >I know they advise to take a injection if your glucose is over 250,
> im interested who THEY are ??
> BTW.... 400... the first call i make, is to the mortician, but thats
> just ME....
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