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[IP] BentCannula

From: "Melissa Chodorowski" email @ redacted

Hi, I am new to this site but have had type 1 since 1995 ( when i was 18).
Have been a pumper for 5 yrs now. Anyone ever have any problems with bent
cannulas when inserting Mini med Quick sets? I changed from the 9mm to the 6
mm but will occasionaly still have problems. The other problem is that my
pump does not alarm at all because insulin is still being delivered but just
not into my skin. Instead, the cannula is bent up against my stomach and i
don't know this until i check and i have a blood sugar of over 400! Any
ideas? Anyone with similar problems?

Hi, Melissa - I have had this problem, mostly due to certain sites.  It's
been explained that, because I don't have a lot of body fat, when I sleep
and roll on the insertion set, it presses the cannula to the muscle wall and
bends/crimps it.  So I can be fine with an insertion on day 1, and then day
2 - BS whacks out.  I, too, use the 6mm.

The pump will alarm only when there's a *lot* of pressure built up, which
doesn't happen with me for hours, as I take very little insulin compared to
most... So I always catch it by testing, which I try to do every 3 hours or
so.  I *did* have non-delivery alarms with the 508, but don't think I've had
one with the Paradigm - part of that is having learned to avoid the "crimped
cannula" sites... part is that it just doesn't set off those alarms for me,
so I've assumed it's due to my minimal dosages not triggering a blockage
alarm.  ymmv, but I'd try personally other sites, and test regularly.  HTH!

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