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Re: [IP] RE: ADA study on diabetic drivers

oh my!!! I will gladly give up my cell phone. Unwillingly I would give up my
driving. I live alone and depend on my car for transportation. I live in the
country and its 4 miles to the nearest store. If they take away  my ham
radio I will do something drastic. I don't know what yet but I will think of
something, I'm sure. Yup I'm a ham....and talk to other hams that are also
diabetes challenged. Some type 1 some type 2. My two closest friends are
type 2. They are also both hams.
I've only had to stop driving twice in thirty years to treat a low (that I
remember) Never been to the er for lows. Only been in the hospital dka once.
that was terrifying and I"m trying to be careful so it doesn't happen
I love my cozmo, been pumping since April and my grey shadow is with me
always except in the shower.
Veronica (long for Roni)
aka N4ODI

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> I developed some eye problems about 12 years ago, and you wouldn't believe
> the headaches I've had dealing with the state. Every year(used to be
> bianually) I have to take a form to my eye opthalmalogist and have him
> them that I see well enough to drive.
> So far I'm restricted to having a left hand outside rearview mirror (don't
> ALL new cars have them???), daylight driving only, corrective lenses and
> food fruit or candy within reach. They wanted to add no highway driving to
> the list, but luckily they gave up on that one.
> I am 20/200 in my left eye with glasses and a contact, but my right eye is
> 20/25 with just glasses. I can just see more restrictions down the road
> pun intended), but as far as insurance, I'm hoping that they'll be a
> more lenient with pumpers. I guess the next thing they'll do away with is
> ham radios and cell phones LOL.
> Tony
> by the way, any other hams on the list?
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