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[IP] Re: Appeals court revives diabetes suit

>>Subject: Re: [IP] Appeals court revives diabetes suit
>>It never fails to surprise me that carbohydrate metabolism is for 
>>some reason not _automatically
>>considered a major life activity.
>Stuff relating to the ADA these days is a double-edged sword, since 
>the courts have allowed the law to be weakened in what it will cover.
>In the text of the statute, it clearly states that people with 
>diabetes are covered.  HOWEVER, the problem comes in when the 
>opposing attorney says that, yes, the person has diabetes, BUT it is 
>being treated, controlled or whatever.  They are arguing that 
>treatment of a disability/disease essentially negates the symptoms 
>of the disability/disease, and therefore the person should not be 
>It's all rolled up into the fact that the majority of people believe 
>that diabetes is not important and that any "problems" (and the 
>disease iteself) are our own fault.
>Weird Jenn
>email @ redacted

Sounds just like that old "non-compliant" dodge that doctors used to 
hang on us for their incompetence.   I'm glad that so many of us now 
realize that it is the doctor who is usually "non-compliant"     ;>)

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