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[IP] RE: ADA study on diabetic drivers

I developed some eye problems about 12 years ago, and you wouldn't believe the
headaches I've had dealing with the state. Every year(used to be bianually) I
have to take a form to my eye opthalmalogist and have him tell them that I see
well enough to drive.

So far I'm restricted to having a left hand outside rearview mirror (don't ALL
new cars have them???), daylight driving only, corrective lenses and food
fruit or candy within reach. They wanted to add no highway driving to the
list, but luckily they gave up on that one.

I am 20/200 in my left eye with glasses and a contact, but my right eye is
20/25 with just glasses. I can just see more restrictions down the road (no
pun intended), but as far as insurance, I'm hoping that they'll be a little
more lenient with pumpers. I guess the next thing they'll do away with is ham
radios and cell phones LOL.
by the way, any other hams on the list?
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