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Re: [IP] Seriousness of low blood sugars in children

He sleeps through his lows, because he doesn't have to worry. Mom will wake
me up and take care of it. Some of those lows might be from the (I can't
spell it semogi) effect. Where you go low and then hi later.  HE should have
a basal set for the days he exercise that he can run 24 hours.  Just a

In the days of shots, I wouldn't correct or anything until the next meal.  I
know we are living in days with better control, but there is a point.  You
are right you can't do this for him when he goes off to college.  He is in
highschool now, and he needs to take over his control.  You can offer
support, but forcing him, isn't going to help.

My folks gave me complete control of my disease from the moment I came home.
There was maybe a few months, but for the most part, it was mine to deal
with. Yes a heavy burden, and sometimes rather difficult. But it prepared me
to be stronger, and take the action I need to. Folks with ADHD can learn
ways to work around issues.  But if your working for him, he doesn't have
to.  And as Dr. Phil would say, is that working for _you_?
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