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(resend) [IP] Re: Second try

Sorry if this went through once already...I haven't seen it
appear yet...weird.
  It isn't recommended to suspend the pump for a low. It doesn't
take effect immediately (takes a couple of hours to have an
effect) so why bother? I would suspect that both suspending the
pump and eating half of all the food you could find had something
to do with the high. :) Treat with glucose and leave it at that.
For a 68 my daughter would need 2-3 glucose tablets (8-12g carb),
or the equivalent, to bring her to 100. It is generally
recommended to retest after 15mins but we test at 30mins...15mins
is usually too soon for my daughter and it used to cause us to
overtreat. YMMV

  Take care, Kerri, mom to Shannon - 13 (dx 11/96, pmpg HTron+
11/99 & Cozmo 8/03)...and her 7 siblings  :)
  "...what it all boils down to  - do the right thing, everything
goes fine; do the wrong thing, everything's a mess." - Robert
Spott, Yurok tribe, 1890

  Chris said:
  I had a sudden. sneak hypoglycemic attack this evening.  I
tested and
  was at 68.  This is not as  bad as I have been and I treated it
calmly and
  rationally by suspending my pump and eating half of all the
food I could
  find. <snip> I tested 2 hours later and was at 313! Any ideas?
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