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Re: [IP] BentCannula

I struggle every day with my 2 1/2 yr old bent cannula situations.  He is on 
the Animas and we've tried every infusion site .  It is always bending.  I am 
told to change the site every day.  If I do that it is fine, but after 24 hrs. 
 it gets bent or clogged.  We would use his abdomen and now have switched to 
the upper buttock and I now put the clear tape over it to secure it.   I also 
notice if I insert the needle ( we use the comfort sets which are similar to 
the Silhoutte sets) on an angle that is like parallel to the skin it works 
better.  If it is too deep it bends more easily.

Krista, Mom to Anthony 2 1/2 Dx'd 8/25/02,Pumping w/Animas 8/03, MM 4/03
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