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Re: [IP] BentCannula

I've had the same problem since I started pumping last thursday.  I 
couldn't understand how I could pump in 2 to 4 units and only drop the 
glucose 10-20 points, Until I removed my first set!! the cannula was 
bent double, suprised it delivered any insulin. Put in another and got 
the same results, now I'm using the Sofset 6mm, so far, since yesterday 
, It seems to be working fine .  I'm really using up the test strips  8 
to10 times a day.
My problem is that I'm skinny, 5' 9"  and 133 lbs,  have very little fat 
to plug into!:)

Guess the only other option is to use the set with the metal needle so 
it won't bend.


Melissa Chodorowski wrote:

> Hi, I am new to this site but have had type 1 since 1995 ( when i was 
> 18). Have been a pumper for 5 yrs now. Anyone ever have any problems 
> with bent cannulas when inserting Mini med Quick sets? I changed from 
> the 9mm to the 6 mm but will occasionaly still have problems. The 
> other problem is that my pump does not alarm at all because insulin is 
> still being delivered but just not into my skin. Instead, the cannula 
> is bent up against my stomach and i don't know this until i check and 
> i have a blood sugar of over 400! Any ideas? Anyone with similar 
> problems?
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