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Re: [IP] Seriousness of low blood sugars in children

I can only imagine that it must be hard to find a balance between letting
him take responsibility and not harming himself seriously. However, keep
in mind the situation when he leaves home to go to college and still
hasn't learnt the things he then has to handle himself. now you are still
having the chance to intervene if some real emergency happens. Finally
the change can only be initiated by himself anyway. doesn't he feel any
lows (even when he is awake)? because from personal experience I know
that as soon as I get to low when doing sports I have problems
concentrating and my performance drops significantly. So if he forgets to
take his meter to soccer and sees what can happen it might give him some
idea how important it is to check during half time.

For alarm clock I got a tendency to roll over switch it off and continue
to sleep especially when I am low. what helped me was to get an alarm
clock which does not stop (some only go on for 1-5 minutes) until
switched off properly. and I placed it away from the bed so I have to get
up to switch it off. position the meter next to it. usually worked. 

Ciao Tina

>Kevin handles most of the ordinary day to day things on his own very
well. He
>checks before meals without prompt and boluses usually at school without
>forgetting.he does all the site changes as well, with reminders. When
>distracted, he tends to forget or not do some really important things,
>that may be due to ADHD as well. For instance, he will forget to take
>"kit" out to the soccer field so he can check at 1/2 time and will
forget to
>drink Gatorade if under 180 when starting....simple things that really
a! dd up
>quickly. He won't hook up and bolus a bit if needed unless asked...He
>thru all his lows and has tried to set alarms to help us many
>because we set a back up alarm..we catch the low. We lower his basals
>after soccer, but with the season just beginning...we are still working
>the kinks. It is NOT like lastyear. I guess more hormones and such.
>It's not like we don't want him to have more responsibility, it's just
that he
>won't take it. Perhaps we need to let him fail more, but as his Mom, I
>think I want him to fail in this way alot...not good for him AND I'd
rather he
>enjoy his childhood and not see it as a constant struggle. After all,
>what parents are for.
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> From: Tina Heubeck
> To: email @ redacted
> Sent: Friday, September 12, 200! 3 3:06 PM
> Subject: Re: [IP] Seriousness of low blood sugars i n children
> Hi Robin,
> having read your email about your son Kevin and his sports and your
>when he will go to college I wondered why you are still so involved in
>therapy. He is 15. Doesn't he take care of the things himself? If he
>soccer that often he should get used to a certain routine and learn to
>estimate how much he running he did and how much extra carbs he needs.
>you should try to figure something out where he has more responsibility
so he
>learn all the stuff and in the end he will be fine when he goes of to
> Just to give you some backgraund infos about myself. I was diagnosed at
>11. Always loved sports so there was never the issue to drop that. I
>do sports in the evenings so that I know the night problem. But also I
>to estimate how high/low the # has to be to get me through the night. I!
f I am
>in doubt I set an alarm clock.
> Tina
> >While I agree that is the beauty of the pump...we too check Kevin
> >2-3 times a night. With soccer every day, sometimes 3 hours/day, his
> >reacts according to how hard he ran for that time. We have put his
pump at
> >50% lower rate, and still had lows well into the night...and when we
> >have it all figured out, something else odd happens. Anyway, we check
> >before we go to bed between 11pm-12midnight and then according to what
> >is...we check again between 1-2 hours after...and repeat if necessary.
> >
> >I worry about him in 4 years going off to college...cuz he doesn't
wake up
> >when he's low!
> >
> &! gt;Robin
> >Mom to Kevin, 15, dx 12/98
> >pumping 5/99
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