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[IP] Constant Glucose Monitor AND Seriousness of low blood sugars in children

-IT EXIST NOW (at least, MY cde, wanted me to use it, for a few days)
IT is a  STANDALONE device...... (it hooks to nothing, except a computer, 
to dump its results, after a few days)
i KNOW, it has no display, and, maybe the reason you provided, is in fact, 
the real one...
it is this reason, and this reason alone, that has kept me. uninterested...
(what good is it to me.... i can just use my meter)

Im also not sure, if it has ALARMS, but, If It Does..........it might be 
something youd want to look into..
i know, it uses some replaceable implanted device, and, im not sure, how much
fun, that might be, for child...
I also dont know, if YOU can insert this device, or if it requires a 
"trained professional"
and, i dont even know, if it is available to the public, or just HCPs
but,  it could be of value.

 >> Seriousness of low blood sugars in children

i sure cant tell you any statistics, and like nearly every statistic there 
are always a few exceptions,
and undoubtedly, some horror story...
nor can i advice you, on such a personal issue,
but, i know of no one, nor have i heard of any one, including myself, who 
died, from the many (i did say many) night time "Insulin reactions" (what 
"hypoglycemic episodes " were known as , in the 1950's)

were they Serious?? ... i guess so.... (scared the heck, out of my parents)
deadly??.... im still breathin' , so id have to say no.........
mind altering (with long lasting effects)??  ill not go there...........

You one, of way too many thousands, and, until more recently, there was
no getting up, every two hours, and testing, and most of those kids, are 
living , today....
(and a bunch of them, squawking away, on this very site)

i dont want to "downplay" your concerns, just maybe relieve them a little.

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