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Re: [IP] Seriousness of low blood sugars in children

According the MM rep (and on their website), the next version of the
Paradigm with have a continuous glucose monitoring system which will attach
to your skin like a second insertion set and will send readings to the meter
via RF every five minutes. The first generation will just have alarms when
the blood sugar is high or low, though you'll be able to download the
readings from the pump to your PC, but not read them on-screen (apparently
the FDA is imposing that restriction on them so that the system doesn't
replace blood glucose meters until it's been out a while). The second
generation of this system will allow you to scroll through BG readings right
on the pump.

So the alarm for highs and lows which is due out next year some time should
be helpful for those who aren't sensitive to nighttime lows (assuming, of
course, that they aren't so sound of a sleeper that they don't wake up for
the alarm -- maybe they need some way for the alarm to trigger a stereo
system or something ;-) ).



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> Sylvia said:
> The beauty of the pump is that you should be able to
> sleep better knowing that the basals are set correctly, and that your son
> be all right.  If you are that concerned perhaps you should drop his night
> time basals a little so he runs higher while sleeping.
>     Sylvia,
> While I agree that is the beauty of the pump...we too check Kevin
> 2-3 times a night. With soccer every day, sometimes 3 hours/day, his body
> reacts according to how hard he ran for that time. We have put his pump at
> 50% lower rate, and still had lows well into the night...and when we think
> have it all figured out, something else odd happens. Anyway, we check him
> before we go to bed between 11pm-12midnight and then according to what
that #
> is...we check again between 1-2 hours after...and repeat if necessary.
> I worry about him in 4 years going off to college...cuz he doesn't wake up
> when he's low!
> Robin
> Mom to Kevin, 15, dx 12/98
> pumping 5/99
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