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RE: [IP] RE:  Was o rings now cost

 I've looked at it and been thinking about getting one, I'm glad you suggested
it because that has made up my mind to order one. I will probably wear mine high
too because there is already too much of me around the waist for much else to
fit there, Thanks!

"Elizabeth Ramsey" <email @ redacted> wrote:

 > Rhonda, I got one of the soft *waist-it* (here's the description: The
 >is like the Clip-N-Go, invaluable those first few weeks! It fits securely
>clothing or can be worn to bed. Made from a very soft velour, with elastic
>straps that velcro securely around the waist. Great for exercising or under an
>un-tucked shirt. The Waist-It won't bounce around. Works with all tubing
 > Anyway, instead of wearing it at my waist all the time, I've started wearing
 >up around my bra line. (Men, stop reading) I have a considerable *shelf* and
>fits very nicely right in the middle under said shelf. When I'm dressed in an
>outfit with no waist to clip it too, it works just fine. Haven't run into an
>*alarm* situation tho. (Men, you can start reading again) And yes, it is VERY
>comfortable to sleep in. Haven't had to worry about new pj's with pockets. Liz
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