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RE: [IP] RE:  Was o rings now cost

 I debated on whether to change the O ring each time I change the batteries
since I don't plan to swim with "Pough" but since I came within inches of him
landing in the toilet last night when I bent over to pick up a towel the kids
left on the floor and it fell out of my bra .. still trying to work out the
where to carry it issue before hooking up next Friday ... so I think I will be
changing my O rings ... just in case.

>Fri, 12 Sep 2003 07:27:26 -0600Subject: [IP] RE: Was o rings now costI believe
>Animas quoted me $7.00 (US) for ten O rings if I had to pay out ofpocket.
> Laura, I just checked the price list I have...finally dug it up and you're
>right. Liz
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