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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #529

Checked my record for yesterday;  5 am = 306,   6 am = 191,  7am = 122,  
8am= 79
That is with a 2.5 unit bolus at 5:14am        That comes to 227 mg/dl 
in 3 hours.
BTW, that was with a set  had a bent  'cannula?) (plastic thingie :)    
No telling how fast it would have dropped with a unrestricted flow!!! :)

I'm not able to get excited over a glucose reading of 250,  now a 
reading of 350- 450 does get my attention


Len Lutz wrote:

> -there was a recent post, which mentioned something like
> ( i hope im not misquoting)
> no mater HOW MUCH insulin you take, you can only drop X bs points, per 
> hour......
> if you're as high as 400, it will take a number of hours, regardless 
> of how its injected.....
> (i would imagine, there is some intravenous way, to get it down quicker,
> but i wouldnt think, its a "do-it-at-home" method)....
> >I know they advise to take a injection if your glucose is over 250,
> im interested who THEY are ??
> BTW.... 400...  the first call i make, is to the mortician, but thats 
> just ME....
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