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Re:[IP] Sport-Pak from Unique Accessories

 >>Has anybody bought/used this item?
>>I'm thinking about ordering this for use during cycling.  <<<

>I have been cycling for 25 years (91,000 miles) and pumping for 8 years 
>(19,000 miles with pump). I keep the pump (508) clipped to the top of 
>my bike shorts on my right side, tubing inside the shorts, and covered 
>by my jersey that hangs down outside my shorts. Although I own a 
>SportGuard, I have never used it when cycling. If your pump doesn't 
>have a clip, that's really too bad.
>Tom Beatson


I was interested for more than just clipping my pump, I can do that already!  
Was interested in this little pack so that I could puter my Ultra Tester in as 
wee, since my saddle pack gets too full w/ the tester, cell phone, power bar, 
levers, and patch kit.

I was hoping that this little pack wasn't too bulky for cycling use.
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