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Re: [IP] was o rings now cost

>Since the MSRP for the O-rings is $0.70 the cost of shipping/handling 
>would far outweigh the benefit of cost reduction by buying on Ebay. 
>There is ONE website that CAN reduce your overall costs of pumping, 
>at least for the batteries;   http://www.sr44.com    SR44 is another 
>name for the 357's and the batteries they sell there are the 
>Everready's.   I've bought the 25 pack for $12.50 total and those 
>batteries have lasted me from 14-16 weeks.  That would put your price 
>for the Animas battery system at $10.80 a year.  Not bad, is it??? 


Don't be silly, I wasn't talking about the Orings, but pump supplies in 
general.  The OP did ask how much they cost w/o insurance.  I answered that 

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