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RE: [IP] animas pump - reprime - o-ring

 --- On Fri 09/12, Trish Ober < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: Trish Ober [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
email @ redacted: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 09:20:48 -0500Subject: [IP] animas
pump - reprime - o-ringRex wrote:flap on my R1000, I have to reprime the
pump>I have an R1000 - If you open the door, yes you DO have to reprime - but
onlylong enough for one "beep" if you didn't turn the pump over, etc.
whilechanging the o-ring, etc. If you actually turn the pump over (with the
dooropen) the lead screw thing goes clear back up to the top even if
yourcartridge is almost empty and then you have to re-prime for quite a while
toget the screw thing back to the top of the actual cartridge. (You are
notwasting insulin while doing this - just waiting extra time for the screw
thingto put itself back in the correct position before you shut the door.) (I
amdescribing this in common people's terms - please list people - don't
writeback and yell at me for not using the correct technical terms)YMMV - Hope
this helps!( my original post!
  was just to clarify that you didn't need to carry o-rings,etc. all the
 I don't know about the repriming part since I haven't yet changed batteries
(only been pumping with my Animas for about a month. But for priming with a new
cartridge, you tap/gently shake(my trainer) the unit to get the screw to the
bottom to avoid having to waste battery LIFE priming it. If the screw is down to
the bottom to begin with then it is in the correct position for the cartridge to
start priming within just a few units of insulin. Takes just about 15 seconds to
get the drops out of the end so you can connect. Since I am NOT mechanically
minded, I probably have managled this explaination but it's in the manual for
the Animas IR1000 which can be found on the web site. Liz

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