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Re: [IP] bad doctors

<<<Why they don't require doctors to be retested re. latest medical
information every few years is beyond me. (It's not as if people's lives are
in their hands, right?)>>>

Well if the doctor is BE/BC (Board Eligable/Board Certified) the he or she
MUST be tested every 10 years or so. They also must complete about 15 to 30
CME (Continuing Medical Education) courses throughout the year. It does not
per se have to be on their specialty.

For me Personally if I need a new doc, then I call around, see who takes my
insurance, call and schedule a INTERVIEW appt with the doctor (s) to determine
if they are up todate in their knowlage, and to see how they do with patients.
I let them know when scheduling the appt that it is for a interview to see if
I like the doc, and to also see what his bedside manor is somewhat like (ya
can't really tell as it is not in hospital setting). My regular doctor is so
up to date, I have RUN into him at conferences held at Oregon Health Sciences
University that I did not even know that he was into going to (3 hour lecure
on Diabetes and the management of diabetes with cost effective outcomes)

I have had SOME docs tell me that they can not take me on durring that
interview because I was "diabetic" but then the state board of medical
examiners took care of that for me (hehe... don't like to be repremanded and
threatened with revocation of licence to practice medicine now do they)

Well there is my opinion..

(Rebecca, Becca NOT Becky)
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