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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #529

I had some of the same type problems,  turned out that the set I was 
using , SoftSet was 9mm long, was bending when I inserted it,  I've 
changed to the 6mm set now and 'Hopefully' I've solved that problem:)   
I'm just a skinny old man and don't have enought fat to use the 9mm.

Ginny Mingolla wrote:

>>Don't you bolus with your pump?   The only reason I'd  use a syringe is
>>if I had doubts about the insulin in the pump. or the site!!!!!!!
>>I know they advise to take a injection if your glucose is over 250,
>>BUT!!!!!!  I always bolus with the pump even when it is as high as
>>400+,  if it is still high (400 +) a hour later  I'll take another bolus
>>and if it did nont work I'd inject ---from the insulin vial---- not the
>Wednesday I woke up in the 400's.  I did not eat anything because I wanted
>to get it down first.  Took an injection at 6:00am along with changing the
>site.  The rest of the day I just bolused to get it down.  I did not get it
>down until 5:00pm.  Once I go over 250 I find I am fighting the high all
>day.  That is the reason for the injection.  I really don't understand why
>an injection would work quicker than a bolus but it usually does.
>Thank you to all that gave me suggestions on other ways to do this.
>Ginny Mingolla
>Type 1  Diagnosed at age 47.  Pumping with the Paradigm  HA1c still not
>where it should be
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