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Re: [IP] was o rings now cost

 The o-rings are only on the Animas pump. The Paradigm 512 does not have
seperate o-rings. The cost for supplies on the web site is (in American
box of 10 infusion sets - $110 
box of 10 resevoirs - $31
These should last you a month if you change every three days.
 batteries - 1 AAA battery replaced about every two weeks (depending on what
options you have turned on the pump ie. vibrate, backlight, etc.)
 We just use alcohol to clean the area before we insert Chandler's site, we were
told this was fine by the pump educator and no problems so far. I don't use any
numbing cream or anything like that, we use the quick-set infusion set and use
the quick-serter ($14 one time cost) to insert the site. She says it usually
doesn't hurt, but when it does it is only for a few seconds - heck sometimes her
shots used to hurt so to her it is a small price to pay for one jab every three
days compared to 6 a day before. Hope this helps.

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Date:  Thu, 11 Sep 2003 23:08:14 -0400

>I am examining the prospects of getting my son a pump.
>Could someone tell me how much it cost to replace an O-ring?
>Also is there anyone with no insurance that has to pay for their supplies
>that could tell me how much pump supplies cost a month?
>Cyndy, Ontario
>mom to 4,
>Ben Diabetes dxed 06/02
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>> Spot mentioned having to carry o-rings, the o-ring thing, etc. with extra
>> batteries.  I always just carry extra batteries and leave all the other
>> "stuff" at home.  If needed when I am gone, I will change the batteries,
>> that is all I change.  Then later when you are home you can easily open
>> battery door and change the o-ring without bothering anything else.  Just
>> to keep your pump upright when doing this or you will have to re-prime
>> like you have put in a new cartridge.
>> Trish
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