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Re: [IP] bad doctors

> So, moral of the story--there are ignorant people passing as experts in
> fields--buyer beware!

So true.

A related (non-diabetes) story. In college, a friend of mine ended up in the
hospital due to an accident. When he got out and I asked him what happened,
he said he was stopped at a red light in his car. He looked out his window
and saw a crane lifting a steel beam. He said it looked kind of unstable to
him, but thought to himself, "They must know what they're doing." Next thing
he knows, the steel beam slips off whatever was holding it and comes
crashing through the roof of his car! Fortunately, he saw it coming, hit the
floor of his car, and "only" suffered a few broken ribs (as opposed to being
killed, of course).

The moral of the story: don't ever think people know what they're doing.

BTW, I found the part about the nurse dying of a brain tumor incredibly
said. Why they don't require doctors to be retested re. latest medical
information every few years is beyond me. (It's not as if people's lives are
in their hands, right?)

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