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Re: [IP] remaining insulin

Hi, Andrew.

First, let me note that I almost didn't see your reply, since you changed
the subject line. Keeping the subject line the same makes the reply more
likely to be read. It also makes it easier to follow a thread.

Regarding what you wrote:

> none of these methods are really accurate. fitting a curve to the
> manufacturers data for the insulin you are using is the most accurate way.
> then you can calculate "insulin on board" by the slope intercept method,
> mx+b. algebra is occasionally more than useful., spot

note that the MM Paradigm supposedly uses an algorithm for calculating the
insulin usage according to the manufacturer's curve. When I wrote:

"The Minimed uses a scale that approximates insulin activity based on
manufacturer data (90% of the insulin activity left after one hour, 65% left
after two hours, 43% after three hours, and 24% of the activity working
between hours four and eight)"

I didn't mean to imply that it only uses those four values. I was just
mentioning those values to contrast it with Cozmo, which uses a straight
line. But my understanding is that the MM has a built-in algorithm which
approximates the manufacturer's curve.

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