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[IP] RE: Regarding MiniMed

Hi Hal.

Thx for writing regarding Minimed/Medtronics and the Paradigm pump.

While everyone on IP was getting excited about this new pump coming out and
running out to purchase 508's so that they could trade up, I just sat back
and held my tongue.

I believe when ANY new mechanical product, including cars, comes out on the
market, that you NEVER purchase it until all the quirks are found and

I would never have even thought to purchase a newer pump and pray that my
pump continues to work so that I don't have to upgrade to a 508.  I have
read all the posts about the static electricity problems of that pump as

But, as far as customer service goes and them being polite, I haven't found
any problems whatsoever.

I held off for many years in thinking about getting a pump until they were
improved, tested and people were happy with the performance and at that
time, the only one I knew of was Mini Med.

Now, as I read IP posts, I see a lot of dis-sing on some of the other
manufactured pumps and how there are problems with them as well.

I will continue to use my 507C until it dies and I pray it doesn't happen
for a very, very long time.

BTW, I must have done a typo error when my original message went out.  I
have been on 507C 2 1/2 years and not 1/2 year.

Kathy Bruckmeyer
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